Good Brick Tour 2017

Two residences of the 2East development were featured on Preservation Houston’s Good Brick Tour of 2017. The Firestation No.2, and one of the Garrow Victorians were on the tour.  Here is the Tour guide, published by Houston House & Home magazine.


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Good Brick Award given to Firestation No 2

Owners Michael Skelly and Anne Whitlock were awarded another Good Brick award from Preservation Houston for the renovation to Firestation No 2. This building is the centerpiece of the 2East development, and is a shining example of preservation and adaptation. Also an example of perseverance and patience!

Michael and Anne worked with Janusz design, and Martha Baxter Interior Design to create this beautiful home and gathering space. Urban Craft Custom Builders was the contractor.


Photo by Jack Thompson


Photo by Jack Thompson


Photo by Jack Thompson


Photo by Jack Thompson



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Another Good Brick Award for a Garrow Victorian!

It was just announced that the owner of the grandest of the Garrow Victorians was awarded one of Preservation Houston‘s Good Brick Awards! The house underwent such a monumental transformation. It is now home to some beautiful art, many interesting furniture pieces, as well as an abundance of original beauty.

Photo by Jack Thompson

Photo by Jack Thompson

Panorama_StCharles-SteelIMG_7616 Exterior Door Detail 4

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New neighbors

Just a few blocks south of the Firestation on Sampson Street, a 1940 office building was recently renovated and occupied by Metalab Studio. The property also houses Greenwood Bay in the tilt-wall concrete shop space, as well as long-time occupant Tool Tech (fixer of any broken tool). Janusz Design has moved here as well. A common warehouse space will be host to future maker-space pop up shops to highlight many of the artists in the area!

unnamed(1) unnamed

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Return of the house movers

More new/ old houses are being moved to Sampson Street, by Cherry House Moving. During the move, Keith Cherry, and son Nick, stopped by the Casita for a visit.

The houses appear to be from the Heights area, and are occupying what was an empty lot next to Champ Burger (which, if you haven’t been there, go).


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Colors of the Victorians

Restoration/ renovation work is well underway on the Victorians, and they are all coming back to life in full color.

Looking back, they were infused with such color when we found them. Old and new, it’s a reminder of the vitality of folks who lived here before…



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All about beadboard

The interior of the original Firestation was two-thirds plaster, and one-third beadboard. In the renovation, much of the existing beadboard remains, with careful cleaning to reveal the many colors that exist, fresh coats of paint, or complete removal of paint to show the beautiful wood grain. The ceiling and stair enclosure on the First Floor are thick beadboard, with many coats of paint. The original colors are intact.

IMG_4793FullSizeRender(42)IMG_4546The Second Floor started with many colors, but will be painted a gleaming white. The beadboard will become more of a texture. This painted beadboard ceiling will contrast the stripped beadboard of the study.


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Night lights

The ground floor of the Firestation is perfect space for entertaining. Recently a party was hosted that involved dinner, and a live band. The lights twinkled from inside and out, and it was a very festive event. Perfect space for the ensuing line dancing.


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Firehose counter

As the renovation to Firestation No 2 wraps up, exciting design features are finally being realized. The extremely talented James Dawson, of James Dawson Design, designed, fabricated, and installed the bar countertop to accommodate many lengths of used firehose. With the generous assistance of the Houston Fire Department, he was able to source enough hose and nozzles to fill the large countertop area. James and designer Martha Finger, perfected the coiling technique to illustrate a hidden beauty of the hose. This is really a beautiful focal point to the Engine Hall Kitchen!


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Good Brick Award winner!

Congratulations to Michael Skelly & Anne Whitlock on the Good Brick Award on the restoration and preservation of the Casita, given recently by Preservation Houston. The award presentation will be given at the Cornerstone Dinner on February 20, 2015 at the River Oaks Country Club.

The Casita was discovered in a rather rundown state, and after a lot of attention and care, it is now fully restored to its (mostly) original glory.

Photo by Peter Muessig

Photo by Peter Muessig


Photo by Peter Muessig

Photo by Peter Muessig

Photo by Peter Muessig

Photo by Peter Muessig


Photo by Peter Muessig

Photo by Peter Muessig

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