Firestation #2 Mascots

We’ve learned of a couple of the Firestation Mascots, dogs who were part of the team, who seem to be still on the site, in spirit.

According to Betty Kanka of Horseshoe Bay, TX, who lived near the Firestation and attended Lubbock Elementary School across the street,

In the early 1950’s the Fire Station had a mascot.  A dog that lived at the station but also rode the trucks.  It was a Dalmatian and his name was SPARKY.  Sometime in about 1953/54 the dog died. He was buried in front of the Station house in one of the grassy areas between the street and sidewalk.  There used to be a chain link fence around the area and a marker.  I don’t know when the fence and marker were removed.

A retired firefighter, Harold Cobb, stopped by the Firestation recently, and told a story that his brother had worked in the Firestation for many years, and during that time they’d had DOMINO, who would chase after the firetrucks if they ever dared to leave the Firestation without him.  When he passed, he was buried on the Sampson side of the building between the two big doors.

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  1. Shirley Jennings says:

    When I was younger than 7 my parents & I lived on Sampson & another street close to the fires station don’t remember the name…. But that house as my memory fails me a little but I think it was next door or a couple houses down from the station….a lot of my relatives lived in the area at the time… I remember the dog riding on the fire truck…. Went by about 15 years ago wow have time has changed in that area… I was born in 1944 & lived there until I was about 7…. My cousins & I were just talking about that place a few days ago & all the good times we had… I came across some group pictures of some classmates & was just wondering what they were all doing now…. Sad to have seen the school gone… But so happy to hear what is being done to the fire station….I do plan now to go by & see the improvements being made:) I also remember the dog being buried in front of the fire station….

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