Firestation texture

Later this week, the Firestation Engine Hall will get a new concrete floor, as the old one is of questionable quality, as well as having a slope down to the main doors for the horse drawn and, later, motorized fire engine. In preparation, some old brick was uncovered as the substrate for small portions of the concrete floor. The brick seems to have been made in Coffeyville, Kansas, a product of the Coffeyville VIT Brick & Tile Company. A little online research indicates that the company manufactured these bricks between 1894 to 1930. That sounds about right….

FS brick floorFS brick detail

Every time we go to the site, we find ourselves in wonder at what the building has to offer in terms of beauty, history, craftsmanship.  As we repair the broken pieces, we intend to maintain that basic integrity the building was born with.

FS windowFS pole hole



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